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Surf Lifesaving


Our Junior & Senior lifeguards.

The concept of community service and social responsibility is an incredibly strong motivating reason for people to become a part of an organisation. The world has shifted and more and more people are asking themselves ‘What can I do to make a difference?’

Saving a person’s life has a massive impact in many circles of life. For the saved it represents a second life, a second chance and for the saviour a sense of great achievement and contribution to society.

At Milnerton SLC we will equip you with the life skills save someone’s life. Coupled with this we will teach you ocean/aquatic skills which will allow you to become a lifesaver here or anywhere else in the world. Whether you work on a yacht, a beach resort, on a beach or any environment where water or even a sense of risk is involved you will be qualified to resuscitate and affect first aid anywhere, anytime, in any circumstance.

The Junior and Senior Lifesaving program sees our competitors move from the Nipper ranks into the Junior and Senior Competitive ranks as well as Voluntary Lifeguard duty. Surf Ski and Racing Rescue events are introduced into the competitive arena for the first time.

Age groups are U15, U17, U19 and Open Male and Female.

In order to compete in the LIfesaving competitions, athletes will complete their Junior or Senior Lifeguard Award whereafter they will be proficient in various rescue techniques as well as CPR. Once they completed their JLA or LA course, they become eligible to work on the beach as a Volunteer Lifeguard on Saturday afternoons, Sundays and Public Holidays during the summer season when MSLC is in charge of maintaining and looking after the beach and relative patrols.

In order to enroll in the Lifeguard award course, prospective candidates need to be proficient swimmer and will have to undergo a entry test comprising of a pool swim. Junior members need to complete a 400m pool swim in 9 minutes and seniors (16+ years) 400m in 8 minutes. The Lifeguard Award course stretches over approximately 8-10 weeks and is run on a continuous basis. For more information regarding the next course, contact the club instructor, Charl Jones

Lifeguard training for all active and competitive lifeguards take place on Fridays and Sundays in season. For more information, please contact Charl Jones via email or phone 081 439 0079


Why should I become a Lifeguard?

There are plenty of reasons:

  • Get fit, healthy, and hang out in the sun at the beach.
  • Contribute to your community and help others enjoy their time at the beach.
  • Once you hold a Lifeguard Award, you can earn your crewman and Skippers licence that will enable you to operate the Inflatable Rigid Boat
  • in the surf during patrols and rescue operations.
  • Compete in surf competitions.
  • Learn the skills to keep yourself and your family safe, no matter the surf conditions.
  • Meet a like-minded people who value good clean fun.
  • Develop first aid skills and learn CPR.
  • Become a paid Lifeguard and earn money with your skills.
  • You love the outdoors and a challenge.