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AGES 4 - 14


The Nipper program is the playground and
class room for our future lifeguards.

It is here in a safe and inclusive environment, children as young as five start to learning basic water safety, beach skills and first aid that form the foundation of lifeguarding.


At Micro Nipper Level – (ages 5 to 8) the focus is on learning the very basics of the Nipper Program, important safety signals and most importantly playing on boogie boards, getting in and out of the sea. Improving confidence, learning the rules and having fun is the main aim of this group. The basics of beach work, Flags and sprints form the bulk of the training session (along with important things like building sandcastles...)


Our U10’s (ages 8 – 10) take the skills they’ve been working on in Micro Nippers and add some distance, both on land and in the sea, the U10’s move from the safety of the shoreline and venture out – sometimes past the breakers – we also give them a bit more first aid theory and they learn more water safety signals. This is the first level of qualification and competition! Again the focus is on increasing the individual’s confidence and honing boogie boarding and swimming skills, preparing the nippers to compete against other lifesaving clubs. The next level of qualification is U12 (ages 11 -12) here the children learn even more first aid theory, a few more water safety signals and push themselves even further in the sea. The pinnacle for this group is learning to ride a Malibu Board (Mallies). The Malibu Board forms the foundation for the rescue craft, used by lifeguards to rescue patients.


The U14 nippers learn important first aid techniques, like putting a patient into the recovery position. By the time the nippers reach this group, they are competent and confident on all nipper equipment. They have a solid foundation of surf and beach techniques, theory and experience. They are capable and proficient enough to make the move up to Junior Lifeguard. Once qualified the nippers can compete in their respective age groups at competitions, against local clubs and building up to the highlight of the season, Nipper Nationals, where we battle against all Lifesaving Clubs in South Africa! Parental involvement is mandatory, for the safety of all children.

Nipper Entry Requirements (for all age groups):

Complete a 100m pool swim in under 3 minutes without stopping.
Tread water for 5 minutes
Retrieve an object from the depth of 1.5m
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